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Biskut Raya 2013

Jun 14

Coming Soon! Hari Raya Hamper 2011 Collection

Jun 01

Assalamualaikum and Good Morning,

Dear Our Valued Customers,

This year marks a significant milestone for Hanni Collection as we entered our 11th anniversary. As part of our continuing commitment to responding to your calls and demands, we are pround to present our 2011 Hari Raya Corporate Gifts and Hampers Collection. With this year modern and sophisticated theme, our goal is to make your Ramadhan and Raya experience efficient and one of the best possible.

Thank you for considering Hanni Collection as your trusted choice.

Hari Raya Hamper 2011

Adding to the Collection…

Oct 03

Another selection of new cookies for the year 2009. Many of these are inspired from our business trips around the world. My mom has spend most of her time browsing pages of cooking books, mixing and revising recipes, and trying different methods just to come out with new, flavoursome, unique and delectable cookies. Do you notice how many verbs and adjectives does the above sentence have? If you do, then you’ll realise how much effort my mom has put in her passion for cooking and baking :) .

At the moment, we have more than 100 types of cookies. However, the most produced are only about 30 types. And now we are adding to the collection…

polka dot cookies

Polka-dot cookies. A combination of rich dark cocoa and crusty white chocolate chip.

sagu keju cookies

Sagu Keju. Soft and sweet sagu flavoured cookies with tangy cheesy sensation. Melt in your mouth. We’ve sold approximately 20,000 pcs this eid.

cashew rocher

Cashew rocher. Very limited. Crunchy cashew nuts coated in chocolate, drizzled with white chocolate.

sagu coklat, mocha log

Sagu coklat. A revised version of mocha log cookies. Soft and sweet chocolate flavoured cookies.

almond cheese cookies

Almond cheese cookies. Almond and cheese mixed cookies with butter flavour.

royale chocolate

Royale Chocolate cookies. This rich, 2 layers chocolate cookies is perfect for chocolate lovers.

putri salju

Putri Salju. Brings back your memory with this revised version of biskut makmur and biskut arab.

choco orange cookies

Choco orange cookies. The name says it all. Perfect combination of orange, chocolate, nestum cereal and crushed cornflakes.

macadamia chocolate chip

Macadamia choc chip cookies. Chocolate chip cookies can never be better than this! My sister’s favourite.

tart in basket

Tart in Basket. Fresh homemade pineapple jams in pastry cups.

pine-berry tart

Pine-Berry Tart. A combination of tangy pineapple jams and sweet blueberry jams in pastry cup, topped with bread crump.

pumpkin seed cookies

Pumpkin seeds cookies. Crunchy and crispy chocolate cookies, with pumpkin seeds on top.

hari raya cookies

hari raya cookies

Not really our new cookies. Just a few that I’m ‘playing’ with. Hehe. They dont even have a name yet. Any good suggestion? :)

Tell me what you think about these cookies, ya. If you have tried any of this, let me know what you think : )

Biskut / Kuih / Cookies Hari Raya Price List

Aug 20

Salam to all,

Here is the latest price list of our Hari Raya Cookies 2009. Please bear in mind that there are only 15 cookies that can be ordered. Other cookies (which are not listed) will be (if time permits) sold during Hari Raya Promotion at Ampang Point Shopping Centre.

1. Almond Crunch (+- 45pcs) – RM25 per container

2. Kastiden Cookies (+-45 pcs) – RM25 per container

3. Badam Crescent (+- 45 pcs) – RM25 per container

4. Snow Almond (+-45 pcs) – RM25 per container

5. Putri Salju (+- 45 pcs) – RM25 per container

6. Crunchy Cornflakes (+-45 pcs) – RM25 per container

7. Hawaiian Nut Choc Chip Oat (+-45 pcs) – RM25 per container

8. Golden Nugget (+-45 pcs) – RM25 per container

9. Almond Stick (+- 45 pcs) – RM28 per container

10. Fruit Delight (+-45 pcs) – RM28 per container

11. Royale Chocolate (+-45 pcs) – RM28 per container

12. Florentine Cup (+- 45 pcs) – RM28 per container

13. Choco Orange (+-45 pcs) – RM28 per container

14. Nastar Keju (+-45 pcs) – RM28 per container

15. Macadamia Choc Chip (+-45 pcs) – RM28 per container

After 2nd week of Puasa, we are sorry to announce that we will closed all orders for cookies. So hurry up! ORDER NOW or you gonna missed our delicous cookies!!

Minimum purchase for order is RM1000. Discounts will be given as follows;

min RM1000 – RM2000 – 10% discount
more than RM2000 – RM5000 – 15% discount
more than RM5000 – 20% discount

We only accept CASH for first time dealer.

Hamper Raya 2009 – Merak Kayangan

Aug 06
Click to enlarge

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Merak Kayangan

Available in RM200, RM300, RM400 and RM500 only.
Flowers, ribbons & decorations are subject to change due to availability.
Cookies may vary depending on customer’s choices.

Currently OUT OF STOCK!